Education and Development For Preschool Children

Four Key Facts For First-Time Preschool Parents

If your young child is nearing preschool age, it's time to start thinking about the beginning of their education. Unfortunately for many first-time parents, the process of choosing a preschool or nursery school situation can be particularly challenging. It's difficult enough to choose somewhere that you will entrust your children for hours every day, but it can be made harder if you're hearing myths about this stage of education. Here are some things you should know as you start looking at your options.

Preschool Is Much More Than Just Babysitting

Some people mistakenly believe that preschool offers little in the way of actual enrichment for children. They equate preschools to babysitting and say that it isn't worth the cost. The fact is that most preschools start an early learning curriculum and help your child to prepare for kindergarten.

The teachers and care providers in preschools have dedicated themselves to early childhood education and helping kids to put their best foot forward in the very beginning stages of their education. That goes far beyond traditional babysitting.

Preschool Tuition Pays For A Lot Of Things

When you're considering the tuition options for your child's preschool, you may struggle with the idea of the payments, feeling like it's just going to fund the facility owner and not really being put to good use. The fact is tuition payments made to preschools fund not only the teacher's salaries but also supplies for the classrooms, furniture, curriculum, teacher licensing fees, and the overhead of operating the facility. Know that when you pay that tuition payment, you're actually helping to fund the entire program.

You Don't Need The Most Expensive Preschool

The old saying "you get what you pay for" is certainly true in many aspects of life. It's not, however, the case when you're choosing a preschool. While some of the expensive programs may very well be high quality, preschools don't have to be prohibitively expensive to be quality programs. Focus less on the price of tuition and more on the learning environment that your child will be in.

Preschool Programs Aren't All In Schools

You might think that you have to send your child to a formal school or preschool center to get the best educational program. The fact is, there are many in-home preschools that offer just as good an educational experience with a smaller group of kids. The one-on-one attention, adaptability, and close-knit environment can be great for some children, especially those with anxiety issues.